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Trekking in Nepal with Kids 
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Kids are heavenly gifts. Their talks, innocent thought process, concern for the well-being of others and the purity of their love is something we wish we could carry at all times. That goes for even when we are traveling.

But many people fear for the safety of their kids in a tour and rightly so. Travel can get hectic and exhausting at times. It is physically demanding. On top of that, the constant mental tiredness you can get while you are always looking out for the safety of your kid can leave you doubly exhausted.

That’s when traveling to Nepal can come to your rescue.

Sandwiched between India and China, Nepal is a country that is blessed with a lot of natural resources. The resources range from water resources to land resources. The highest of all the mountains to the deepest of gorges, Nepal is blessed with all the wonder nature can bless a country with.

It is a country where foreigners are embraced to a point of rewarding friendship and hospitality. People are down to earth, friendly, well-spoken and most of them are polite and friendly with kids.

There are various trekking sites whose beauty and appreciation will grow if you travel with your kids. But before let us take a look at the general condition of kids in Nepal:

Kids in Nepal

There are virtually no cases of kids that are bullied in Nepal. The schoolroom activities in Nepal enhance the friendship between kids and grooms participation.

Boys and girls alike are encouraged equally to participate in school activities. Boys and girls are rarely segregated, and the kids enjoy the fruits of equality.

Parents take very good care of children, but they are loved without being spoilt. Thus, kids in Nepal are responsible and caring.

In the rural areas of the country, kids are involved in household chores support their family. As a result, they are physically well-built and well-mannered. The rich social life they enjoy with their relatives means that they are socially as well as culturally responsible.

With all these wonderful things you’ve read, you must have already had a reasonable guess that kids are extremely well treated and regarded in equal status ( perhaps even higher!!) to the adults.

Kids often make wonderful memories while traveling. Kids are very receptive and quick to pick up on anything they are taught. Since traveling is a character building experience, you can trek in the following places to make most of the time with your kids.

1. Kathmandu Valley Trek

Sunrise above Kathmandu, viewed from the Swayambhunath temple

Kathmandu valley trek will be the best trekking route available to you if you want to have a light trek with your kids. The geography is not too demanding, even for toddlers, and it is the most educated city in Nepal.


The temperature is something to not worry about.

The maximum temperature in the summers days will be 33 degrees and in the winter days, the temperature can go down to around 10-15 degrees. The winter nights are cold but there are excellent accommodations available with various degrees of sophistication.

Key Places to Visit:

  • Many of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are present in Kathmandu. For important historical and cultural learning, appreciating the aesthetic beauty of these places will be necessary. Besides, you should teach your children to embrace the cultural and religious differences you can note.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites include – 3 Durbar Squares, Boudhanath and Swayambhunath Stupa  and Pashupatinath Temple
  • The trekking routes located at the edges of Kathmandu valley such as Chisapani trek and Nagarkot trek will be easy to complete. As these areas are very safe, they can be scaled without any guides. Just the cheers of your family!!
  • There are museums in plenty in Kathmandu. Narayanhity Palace, The Taragaon Museum, and Patan Museum are important to develop political and historical insights. There will be museum guides inside in case you want to know more or have intellectual debates!!

Best Time to Visit

As Kathmandu has mild climatic conditions, any time throughout the year will yield a good trek. But the monsoon, that falls in the month of June – August might be tricky. Damp trekking routes might mean you have to be a tad careful while trekking.

What To Carry

  • You can carry a good old fashioned map with you to go around the city. GPS trackers can run out of power if you have a long day of travel. In such a case, a map will come in handy. You can get around the city in cabs, local buses, or private vehicles.
  • A light stroll in the Kathmandu valley won’t require you to carry a lot of items. So a simple backpack will do the trick for you.
  • Sightseeing or light trekking in Kathmandu can be completed in a comfortable pair of shoes.

Everest  Helicopter Trek/ Tour

People often get scared whenever trekking to Everest with their kids is mentioned. They often fear if their kids can adapt to the altitude of this region.  What you have to realize is that there are a variety of ways that you can trek Everest.

If you are a professional who has trekked extensively and you have passed the knowledge of trekking onto your kids, you have actually go for trekking in Everest in a conventional way.


If you are looking for a cozy trip with your kids and want to keep the physical and mental tiredness to a bare minimum, you can opt for the Everest Base Camp Heli Trek. And if the Helicopter trek to Everest sounds too difficult, you also have the option of flying in the Everest region in a helicopter.

Prepare and prepare well before coming to trek in the Everest region with a good focus on strengthening your leg muscles. Long jogs and runs are advised with an excellent pair of running shoes, especially if you have foot aches. Strength training is equally important to deal with fatigue and altitude sickness.

Major Places to Visit

  • The Helicopter will take you to Lukla, the airport that perched at the top of the mountains. Your kids will chirp with excitement.
  • Namche Bazaar, the residing place of Sherpas is not to be missed. Your kids will learn lessons of humility as they will get a first-hand experience of how difficult living conditions in certain parts of the world are.
  • The Everest, which in all its glory, will be below your vantage point from the Helicopter. You and your kids will feel a sense of triumph. It will be a very good alternative to physically climbing it.  

Best Time to Visit

Late September to early December is when you will find moderate climatic conditions in the Everest Base Camp. That will be a good time for you and your kids to go there.

Also, March-May is when the summer and the monsoon have not quite kicked in and the winter has been left behind.

If you are looking to go for a helicopter tour, you don’t really have to worry about the season. If the flight is canceled or cannot take off due to inclement weather conditions, you will get a refund.

What To Carry

  • Down jackets and woolen clothing needs to be carried. Moisturizers for your skin will be another item of paramount importance. Trekking poles will come to the aid of your kids in case they want a pause or trek when their energy levels are down.
  • Food and hydration is the most important. Carry light snacks and water bottles to keep your body full of water and food. You might feel heavy at times but it is important to ward off altitude sickness.

3. Annapurna Family Trek

The second most popular trekking route in Nepal, Annapurna Circuit Trek has certain tracks designed so that children don’t miss out on the fun of traveling.

This trek will take you through various villages and ethnic communities that will facilitate learning culture and appreciate wildlife as well.

While you are trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp, you can show your kids all the wonder and excitement of the valley of Pokhara.

Major Places to Visit

  • The lakes and caves of Pokhara are exquisite. The boating facilities in lakes and touring in dark caves will give your kids an enthralling time. Their appreciation of mountains will also rise.
  • Ghandruk is a picture perfect-village that lies on the way to Pokhara. From this village, you can also view Machhapuchhre as well as the Manaslu peak.
  • Sarangkot, a hill in Pokhara, feels as if it was carved for the purpose of viewing an awesome sunrise. The morning fresh air adds to the beauty of this place.

Best Time to Visit

As with the Everest Base Camp trek, this area is best visited in the month of late September to early December and from March to May.

What To Carry

  • You might be carrying a lot of items in your backpacks while trekking ranging from a camera to other items belonging to your kids. A backpacking cube will help you take items in and out from your backpack with ease, and helps to organize your packing.
  • GPS devices for hiking and maps will be helpful for getting to know your positions better.
  • And as you go higher up the altitudes, you might be stuck hours in queue to charge your device. I can’t stress the importance of a backpack charger enough!!!


With such great cities warmly welcoming you with so much of safety and comfort, is there any reason you wouldn’t want to come to Nepal along with your kids? You can avoid all the haggle you might experience while traveling by getting a travel insurance too.

Travel insurance comes cheap and handy. As long as you do that, you’re more than good to come to Nepal. And while you’re here, the kids will learn and have fun.

Is there more you have wanted for your kids than having fun and learning?

We will be happy to discuss with you about any of the above mentioned treks and customize it according to your need. Please contact us if you want to come to Nepal.

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