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Top 13 Adventure Sports You can Enjoy In Nepal
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If you’ve ever wanted to go to Nepal or have a burning question about adventure sports, Hear me out. Nepal has tremendous geographic diversity, despite being a small country, Nepal is rich in many terrain and landscape that facilitates some of the best extreme sports (adventure sports) to be held every year. Astonishingly varied geographic, ecological, climatic, socioeconomic makes Nepal a designated destination & explorers fantasy.


Having 8 out of 14,8000m high mountains, Nepal is native land of Himalayas. Likewise, there are Numerous smaller peaks in 6000 & 7000m range that would be a great opportunity to climb mountains throughout the year in Nepal. The climbing Sherpas will help you to accomplish any summit since they are the champs of genetic high altitude raffle.


By now, Nepal Offers skydiving options for Skydiving enthusiast- get the glance of a 360-degree view of mighty Himalayas, fulfil your sense of adventure with thrilling skydiving in Nepal.

Skydiving, the most elite extreme sports of Nepal is achieved with continued assistance form the instructor. Instructor will be there to assist you through all phases of your skydive.

There are few places to perform skydiving in Nepal: Either dropping form a plane or chopper onto the world’s highest drop zone at Gorak Shep, Kala Patthar. Or If you want to keep it less extreme, you can attempt it at Pokhara, compelling Annapurnas and Fewa Lake.

Skydiving over the highest point of Mount Everest is a standout amongst the most desired elite sports in Nepal. Initially Started in 2008, there have been almost 194 jumps so far & counting. It’s never too late live the most precious moment of your life.


The trekking in Nepal is undoubtedly the most enjoyed adventure sports in Nepal. if mountain climbing isn’t your forte, try trekking instead. Nepal is known for trekking, & trekking in Nepal come in all lengths varying from their difficulty levels. Every year more than 100,000 come to Nepal to savour the stunning beauty of Himalayas, fascinating culture and lonely trails.

Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Mustang are some of the most desired trekking destinations in Nepal.

Because of its commercialization in recent decades and the high availability of trained specialists in the field, the expenses for climbing effectively come in your ordinary spending plan, and the time expected to complete the walk can last from just 7 days to 21 days altogether.

In case you’re short on time, there are different alternatives also. Look at shorter trails near Kathmandu valley. Dhulikhel, Panauti, Balthali, Sundarijal, Shivpuri National Park, Panchase trek are some perfect trail close Kathmandu valley.


Paragliding has been practiced in Nepal since 1995 & later in 2007, paragliding came into light. Due to its popularity among the age group of 18-30, paragliding has been the most desired of sports in Pokhara.

Flights take off from Sarangkot 1,592 m (5,223 ft) and perch in the heart of tourists’ paradise – Lakeside, Pokhara. With flying specialists from different parts of the world, & their experience in hand, you have the security of being the best moment of your life in the air. The cost is low cost compared to other sports in Nepal, where you can fly for only $ 55 – $ 70.


For those who are well aware,Nepal is braced with rich water sources. With plenty of wild, raging waters from steep, adrenaline-charged mountain streams, Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world to go for white-water rafting. There are limitless options to choose from, river qualifications start from 4- to 4+. if you are after some short whitewater outings, try a single day trip from Kathmandu to Bhote Koshi or Trishuli river. so start poking around, rafting companies based in the cities will sort an ideal rafting trip for you.


For Nepal, Climbing is the reserved name, but rock climbing is the recent addition to the regular climbing genre in Nepal. Though it’s a new development to the tourism industry, with the commercialization of climbing, the sport has flourished as anything. Climbing lovers, including local inhabitants, enjoy this sport consistently. One can enjoy rock climbing in some of the more exotic and less explored northern regions of Nepal. Also, an amateur course is provided to anyone who completes a hiking in Nepal.

Balaju, Shivapuri & Budhanilkantha are best places around the Kathmandu valley where you can perform rock climbing activities.


Ever wondered how it feels like cycling in the Hills of Nepal? it’s sure shot adventure roller coaster. With with hundreds of biking trails, Uneven rugged territory, facilitates better mountain bike experience, alongside cultural excursions of diverse ethnic tribes that dwell in the hills.

So go ahead, hit the road, start planning your own two-wheeled adventure joyride in amazing dirt trails and inspiring single tracks encircling the Kathmandu valley. oh yes, for unbeatable mountain biking experience, try Annapurna mountain biking tour.


Situated close to the outskirt among Nepal and China, Bhote Koshi is the best place for admirers of bungee jumping. Imagine jumping off the 160m bridge into the tropical Bhote Kosi River gorge. Its blood pumping adrenaline rush you ever experienced. Other than Bhote Koshi, presently exciting bungee jumping can be experienced at Tatopani close Nepal-Tibet Border & Pokhara. The cost is low and you can also try other forms of extreme sports during your visit like- canyoning, rafting & more. Just jump in the face of fear.


The Himalayas provide a unique skiing experience in the snow. One of the elite sports, Ski was first introduced by Europeans in Nepal. Unlike the European Alps, the Himalayas of Asia can be quite unique for skiing.

A significant new game in Nepal and composed amid the winter, you can enjoy the Alps, Freestyle, cross country and ski boarder cross styles.


As in rafting, whitewater kayaking is another popular water sports in Nepal. With incredible high degrees of the waterway, you can enjoy the most adventurous kind of kayak. There’s even split between rafters & kayakers however it appears kayakers have spiced up exploring stretches of waterway, where rafts fall short. There are multiple options available for kayakers.

#11 Canyoning

If you are one of those folks, who is flexible enough to slide down or or can figure out how to incline toward the rope at that point, Nepal is a decent place to be.

You will be sliding head to head with waterfall during this trip. Depending on the season, there are many trekking agencies who operate canyoning trips close to the proximity of Kathmandu valley. Jalberi canyoning spot is one of the names where you can perform canyoning.

#12 Ice climbing

All things considered, for this to happen you will require ice & Nepal is a place where you will find natural ice during winter. if you find rock climbing boring & like to get your hands wet up a frozen waterfall? Then ice climbing is the sport you are looking for. Be sure you are with an experienced guide to achieve this special climbing adventure. To name a few Humde, a part of the Annapurna region is the right place to try this sport.

#13 Zip-line

Nepal has registered its name for World’s longest Zip-line until UAE took the honour by 2019! Be that as it may, at 1800m long, with a 2000 foot vertical drop which assesses the speed of 120km/ph is shocking. so want to witness the sheer beauty of Pokhara & sensational drop?, try zipline sport in Nepal. 

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