Hawrry Bhattarai
Hawrry Bhattarai
In addition to serving as a contributor at get2nepal, He is an Editor, Travel Consultant, Enthusiast & Wanderer who is passionate about telling dope recollection of the places he visited. He is often caught around the film theatre & coffee shop. He prides himself for telling epic jokes & love snatching chocolates from kids.

5 Things To Do This Valentines In Nepal

Although Nepal represents Adventure tourism at large, there are still many places or things to do in here which signifies love. A small yet a cosy nation of heartwarming people, spending Valentine’s Day at Nepal can be so much fun. Top 5 things To Do In Nepal For Valentine’s Day #1 Champagne Breakfast at Kala […]

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5 Essential Things To Remember While Trekking In Nepal

Trekking in an unknown landscape can be Fun, most of the times, however, the shortsightedness of understanding essential things during the trek can land you in #Disaster. I learned many life-changing lessons while making trips to few popular trek routes in Nepal Himalaya, the recent one being Annapurna Circuit. Other things remaining the same (trekking […]

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5 Places You Should Visit In Nepal This Christmas

Holidays are coming! It’s time to take the work out of hours and celebrate! Most of you prefer to spend quality time with your family; embracing inside your home and exchanging gifts, however, a holiday is also the time of year when you can go out and explore the world! Travelling is a blessing. Work […]

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10 Nepali Based Movies Only A Handful Of People Know

While intimidating 14 mountains that are more than 8,000 meters tend to dominate the world. Nepal is often overlooked on the international stage. Nonetheless, there are a bunch of noteworthy films both produced & directed by Nepalis & foreigners that will engage & show you the nation’s far-flung history & Culture. For filmmakers, any kind […]

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Trekking in Nepal with Kids 

Kids are heavenly gifts. Their talks, innocent thought process, concern for the well-being of others and the purity of their love is something we wish we could carry at all times. That goes for even when we are traveling. But many people fear for the safety of their kids in a tour and rightly so. […]

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5 Reasons To Get Married In Nepal- Advice For Foreigners

Most foreigners visit Nepal to marry a typical Hindu style. Hindu weddings are known for their historical and cultural significance, as well as extravagant meetings and decorations. The ritual performed on Hindu Vedas is considered an important part of human life, therefore, the ceremony is celebrated with much admiration and passion in the Hindu society. […]

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A MO:MO TALE-You Know, You are Nepali When....

MOMO: Pronounced with the same “o” sound as in “so-so.” Whether you are planning to visit Nepal as an international traveller or you are actually a Nepali In need of some Nepali inspiration, be sure to check this blog. This blog is an answer to the question of ….so what actually is Nepali dish/cuisine?. we […]

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The Best Treks in Nepal For Absolute Beginners

First things first. You simply can’t travel to Nepal and not go trekking. Trek by its definition is not an easy thing to do. It requires some level of physical effort. There are some trails Which are easy & it all takes a week or less to complete. From gentler trails to steep climbs there […]

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Top 13 Adventure Sports You can Enjoy In Nepal

If you’ve ever wanted to go to Nepal or have a burning question about adventure sports, Hear me out. Nepal has tremendous geographic diversity, despite being a small country, Nepal is rich in many terrain and landscape that facilitates some of the best extreme sports (adventure sports) to be held every year. Astonishingly varied geographic, […]

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How To Apply For A Nepal Visa On Arrival- For Foreign Nationals

If you are heading to Nepal you need visa & guess what! obtaining a visa for Nepal is aneasy process, No hassle!Here’s complete information on obtaining a tourist visa in Nepal. Getting your Visa for Nepal STEP 1: DETERMINE IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A NEPAL VISA ON ARRIVAL First thing first, you need to […]

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